When Are Brownies Best Eaten? (It’s Not What You Think!)

Did you just make a batch of yummy brownies? Or, maybe you were given some brownies to snack on? But… you’re not sure what the best time is to eat brownies?

Well, you’re not alone!

Brownies are one of those desserts that can be eaten in a variety of ways. They’re super versatile and can technically be eaten hot or cold. However, there certainly is a most optimal time to eat them.

Keep reading to find out when the best time to eat brownies is.

Let’s begin!

Here’s When Brownies Are Best Eaten:

Brownies are best eaten at room temperature. You should wait a few hours after they’ve come out of the oven. If they’re stored in the fridge, they can be too cold and hard so the chocolate won’t melt as you eat them. If they’re served hot, they can fall apart easily. 

When Are Brownies Best to Eat?

Wondering when brownies are best to eat?

Well, almost every chocolate connoisseur or chocolatier will tell you the same answer: 

Any chocolate, including brownies, are best eaten at room temperature. This is because chocolate is most ideal tasting when it’s close to its melting temperature. This means if you store brownies at room temperature, they’ll melt quickly in your mouth, creating a gooey, moist texture ideal for a chocolatey dessert.

It’s most optimal to eat brownies at room temperature since this temperature keeps them soft, chewy, and fudgy (as if they recently came out of the oven).

If brownies are served hot, they’re harder to eat, they fall apart more, and the flavor is slightly diminished. If brownies are served cold, they’re sometimes too hard, and the chocolate can’t properly melt when you eat them.

If you do decide to store your brownies on the counter at room temperature, just remember they can stay fresh for up to 3-4 days. Keep in mind you should store them in an airtight container.

When Can You Eat Brownies?

Brownies can be eaten soon after they come out of the oven.

You really should wait at least 15 minutes before digging in as you don’t want to burn your mouth. However, most people will recommend waiting 30 minutes before eating them.

The most ideal time to eat brownies is after a few hours though. By letting your brownies cool on the counter for a few hours, you ensure that the brownies have time to set so they maintain their shape, don’t crumble, and have a nice temperature to allow them to melt in your mouth while you eat them.

It’s important to remember that brownies can only last for about 3-4 days on the counter. But, if you store them in the fridge, they can last about a week. If you store them in the freezer, though, they can last about a month.

When Are Brownies Done?

Wondering when brownies are done?

For most recipes (that use an 8×8 baking pan), brownies are typically done by the 30 minute mark in the oven.

However, it’s best to let brownies cool down before you dig in as it gives them time to fully set and cool down.

You can test whether or not your brownies are done by placing a toothpick in the center of your brownie pan all the way to the bottom of the pan. If you pull the toothpick out and it’s covered in raw batter, you should put them back in for a few minutes.

However, if there is only a little bit of brownies on your toothpick, they’re likely done. Compared to a typical cake recipe (which should leave a toothpick clean when pulled out), most brownie recipes will still leave your toothpick with some type of brownie residue as it’s a fudgier dessert than cake.

Are Brownies Better the Next Day?

Most bakers and chocolatiers would likely agree that brownies are best eaten after allowing them to fully cool down.

So, if you have the choice to eat them shortly after pulling them from the oven, or eat them the next day, they will most certainly be best eaten the day after.

While you can get away with eating brownies about 30 minutes after they come out of the oven, they’re best eaten a few hours after. This is so they can fully set, the texture is just right, and they’re still room temperature to allow them to melt in your mouth as you bite into them.

Are Brownies Best Served Hot or Cold?

Brownies aren’t best served hot or cold! Instead, brownies are best served at room temperature. When you store brownies on the counter at room temperature, you allow them to be cool enough to set properly (so the texture is right), and yet they’re warm enough to allow the brownies to be fudgy enough to melt in your mouth.

Another option is to serve your brownies hot with some cold ice cream. This creates a yummy hot/cold synergy and is one of the tastiest desserts!

Do Brownies Have to Be Kept in the Fridge or Not?

So, do you need to keep brownies in the fridge?

The short answer is… no!

Brownies can be kept on the counter at room temperature for 3 to 4 days. Just make sure you keep them in an airtight container like tupperware or a ziplock bag to keep them fresh and moist.

Brownies can be fickle if you don’t store them properly, which is why I wrote a whole article about how to store brownies in the fridge!

Is It Okay to Eat Brownies At Night?

So, can you eat brownies at night?

Are you craving a late-night snack… And you realized you have some brownies? But… you’re unsure whether or not it’s a good idea to eat them at night?

Of course, you can eat them at night. However, it may not be the best idea. Here’s why…

Brownies contain a decent amount of sugar which is a stimulant and can keep you alert when you’re trying to go to sleep.

On top of the sugar content, brownies have quite a bit of chocolate or cocoa powder which contain caffeine. An average brownie has about 1-4 mg of caffeine. To put this in perspective, a cup of coffee has about 70-100 mg of caffeine.

While it isn’t a ton of caffeine, if you have a brownie (or a few brownies) before bed, the caffeine content could prevent you from getting a deep sleep.

Are Brownies Meant to Be Cold?

Brownies aren’t meant to be cold or hot. They’re actually best-served at room temperature. 

When brownies are too cold, they can be too firm and simple can’t allow the chocolate to melt while you eat the brownies. When they’re too hot, they can fall apart, making the texture difficult to manage.

When brownies are stored and served at room temperature, it means the chocolate is warm enough to melt in your mouth as you eat them, yet cool enough to maintain a firm, fudgy texture.

Keep in mind, this is mostly a preference issue though. Some people prefer brownies cold and some prefer them hot. It’s really up to you to experiment with some delicious brownie recipes to see how you like them best!

If you’re looking for a delicious brownie recipe then you’ve come to the right place! I have three tasty and fudgy brownies you can make (depending on your preference):

These three brownie recipes are plant based, and taste just as good—if not better—than “regular” dairy brownies. They’re super fudgy, and delicious!

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